Shining Light on Health Canada’s NEW Front-of-Package Nutrition Labelling

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On June 30, 2022 Health Canada unveiled their new front-of-package nutrition symbol that will appear on prepackaged foods high in one or more of three nutrients deemed of public health concern – that being sodium, sugars and saturated fats.

Research has demonstrated the frequent consumption of foods high in sodium, sugars and saturated fats is associated with increased health risks such as obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure and some types of cancers.

Health Canada is implementing this new labelling to help make it easier for Canadians to make healthier, quick and informed choices about foods in relation to their sodium, sugar and saturated fat content.  Further, this mandatory labelling will help motivate food manufactures to develop and formulate products with lower levels of these nutrients of public health concern.     

What the front-of-package nutrition symbol looks like

The front-of-package nutrition symbol is black and white. It has a magnifying glass and highlights what the food is high in: sodium, sugars, saturated fat or any combination of these.

Manufacturers will have until January 1, 2026 to incorporate this mandatory front-of-package nutrition symbol for prepackaged foods that meet or exceed certain levels for sodium, sugars or saturated fat – though you may start seeing it earlier.

Source: Front-of-package nutrition labelling, Health Canada 

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